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I’ll even break out the Windex for a spotless shine.” STATISTICS — “Alright, so here’s my passport and driver’s license. (My father’s) Will you be needing any more documentation as proof that I’m a very thorough liar? Haha, someone asked me to hold it while they went to the bathroom. Personally, I NEVER touch a cancer-on-a-stick.” OR (Standing on tippy toes) “You betcha I’m 6 ft tall, sweetheart.” (Google for stores selling elevator shoe lifts.) INITIAL MESSAGES FROM MEN — Hey Gorgeous! My family/friends and my two boys mean everything to me.........it's the little things that mean the most...anything can be fun with the right person....looking for someone who is adventerous...respectful, family values, wants to explore life and all its possibilities...to laugh so you must have a sense of humor ...of course it does start with a physical attraction....

) PHOTOGRAPH — “So I know we’ve just met here in this grocery store and I’m pretty disheveled, but imagine this 5 o’clock shadow gone, my hair combed back, I won’t look so hungover, zero holes in my shirt, and I’ll smell like I own a bottle of cologne. ” OR “Come over my place right now and I’ll take a bathroom Selfie in my mirror with a strategic bulge.

A disproportionate number of women on the site are big fans of David. I don’t mean they list a few of his books under their favorites. In fact, it’s less common for me to stumble across a profile that mentions one of his books than it is to find a young woman proclaiming loudly and proudly, “I’ll read anything by David Sedaris!

” are in no short supply of reviews, praise, and critique of it.

The premise alone was enough to grab my attention, especially since Falconer is probably best known for his work on is pointedly aimed at adults.

The juxtaposition is without question intentional, and is put together to great effect.


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