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What is a genuine sex chat room

Criss Cross Directories - There are companies that specialize in developing accurate contact information for everyone who lives near your agency.

There's a list or service for just about every type of insurance you might be wanting to sell, or just get the contact info for everyone in the zip codes you care most about.

Mailback Newspaper Inserts - I know some agents that swear by this lead gen tactic.

Mailback cards are small postage paid postcards people can use to enter their contact information and drop it in the mailbox.

It's more sustainable and productive to have your producers telemarket for an hour or two each day at the best times of the day.

Lunch Table Quotes - If you know anyone who works at a company with lots of employees, ask them if you can setup a quoting table in their workplace cafeteria.

There are online marketing companies that specialize in insurance agents who offer complete online marketing packages that include everything, website, SEO, social media, email, PPC, etc.

Pitch it like you're doing them a favor, not the other way around.

Each newsletter is a chance to ask for referrals and cross-sell new products to every single one of your clients.

If you don't have time to make a monthly newsletter check out this email newsletter service for insurance agents.

Here's two of the biggest companies in the space, Cole Information, Haines Insurance Website Bible Book - If you haven't read The Insurance Website Marketing Bible yet you're missing out on a great FREE resource for insurance agents.

It's a FREE book you can download with a bunch of great ideas for marketing your website and there's an entire chapter devoted to lead generation.


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