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Updating firmware on hp id5220

Select the appropriate machine type of your choice and continue.

View image at full size The example in Figure 3.1 shows all available options to select the fix.

Unactivated Deferred Level This displays the latest or highest LIC level that contains unactivated deferred updates. A deferred update requires a system restart to activate.

Platform IPL Level This displays the LIC level on which the hypervisor and partition firmware were last restarted.

Accepted Level This displays the LIC level that was committed. This is the backup level of code that you can return to, if necessary.

Generally, this is the level of code on the permanent side (p-side).

We will be using this information in IBM Fix Central to obtain information on the latest firmware updates or upgrades available for the system and proceed with the firmware update or upgrade to newer release using the instructions described in the following sections.

Select the system under test, click Updates, and then click View system information to check the currently installed, activated, and accepted levels.

Keeping the firmware up-to-date can help in attaining the maximum reliability and functionality from your systems.

Installed Level This displays the LIC level that will be activated and loaded into memory at the next system restart.

Activated Level This displays the LIC level that is activated and loaded into memory (for example, from a level 5 to level 7).

Select the following categories for Power Systems firmware update and choose the appropriate machine type and model of your system to be updated.

As per the example shown in Figure 3.0, the machine type and model used is: 8203-E4A.


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