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Updating bois without floppy

Since the beginning of the project (2006), the Hx C Floppy emulators was designed to be very versatile and to support a large variety of computers / keyboards / samplers / CNC machines at a low cost.

Thanks to its versability the Hx C Floppy Emulator supports most existing floppy formats.

To program this chip you can use Quartus II and an Altera compatible JTAG probe (The Byte Blaster for example).

The programmer software can be downloaded on the Altera website.

With this tool the LCD screen and the buttons are becoming optional / useless.

You can even remove the LCD screen to put the SD Hx C Floppy Emulator inside the Amiga/Atari/CPC computer without case modification.

- Variable bitrate, flakey bits and long tracks, custom tracks support (emulating of copy protected floppies). - "jumper free" Design : Device configuration on the software.

After some long minutes of preparation, we boot up the Atari ST with this floppy disk and then we realize that the floppy disk lost some sectors and is unusable...This chip is connected to a 32KB SRAM used as buffer and a FT245 from FTDI for the USB communication.The bitstream to use to program the CPLD is available here.Actually Atari ST, Amstrad CPC and Amiga versions of this tools are available.Here a video-demo of this tool: Note : Please go to the download section to get the latest version.For people like me who began the computing with computers as Atari ST or Amiga and still possessing one, we still use it time to time for some instant of nostalgias by viewing some demos and/or by playing some old video games.However these computers are based on 3"1/2 floppy disk, so it's necessary to prepare them from a PC.If you look for a device supporting IPF / STX please a have a look to the USB Hx C Floppy Emulator device) Data integrity security of the original system respected ! No direct usage of not secured IMG/IMA/”ISO” images or direct flash media bridging without CRC in floppy emulation mode !With this tool the host computer can access directly to the SDCard to select files images and change the SDCard Hx C Floppy Emulator settings.This often occurs because in a lot of cases, the floppy disk drive of the computer is damaged.Regarding Amiga floppy disks, it's impossible to create them from a PC because their format is totally incompatible with the PC controllers.


  1. Nov 29, 2010. well i posted this in our development blog in my company and have noticed that this can be usefull for other people, but i am not responsible for anybody messing up their bios due to not knowing what they are doing! here's how you can flash your bios without needing a boot disk. the easy way is to use.

  2. Please note that Windows 2000/XP does not allow you to make a boot disk. however, if a DOS boot disk can be made if you install XP with SP1. If you cannot get a boot disk, you can use @BIOS or Qflash to update BIOS. Steps 1. Insert a clean floppy disk to your computer make sure it's usable and un-write protected. 2.

  3. Feb 6, 2018. No direct usage of not secured IMG/IMA/”ISO” images or direct flash media bridging without CRC in floppy emulation mode ! The SDCard HxC Floppy Emulator can be buy on the Lotharek ebay page and on the Lotharek online shop. click here for pictures and videos. Please visit our showroom pages

  4. Application for floppy disk drives has been the BIOS update for the mainboard. Fujitsu Technology Solutions is reacting to the new situation and is offering a powerful BIOS update procedure not only utilizing floppy disks but also USB Memory Sticks. In this Product Facts document, you will find a detailed step-by-step.

  5. Dec 27, 2004. Found one solution, but it is apparently for another type of thinkpads, as the files in my update do not correspond to suggested ones. This is what I refer to yes, i have a method which can upgrade the bios without a fully charged battery. first of all,you need to make a bios-update floppy disk and another

  6. Here's how to update the bios in this case download the spsdi833 bios update and create the update floppy. If you have trouble creating this disk, download an archive with the files and put them on a floppy. Don't worry about making it bootable. Also, you will.

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