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We sat outside and discussed many things such as our health, of which mine was excellent and our finances which we all decided we could do with an extra million or two more.

Lyn then decided we had to adjourn to Tupelo Grove Nursery, just three minutes away, so she could buy some plants for her new garden bed.

At the nursery, Lynton and I continued to talk about MGCs and other cars until she was happy and ran out of hands to carry all the plants (Lynton’s hand included).

It’s amazing what you can fit into the boot of an MGC roadster. Talking about MG runs, I thought the Kimber Run was another successful event for our Club with over 120 MGs driving along those well worn sports car roads of the Adelaide Hills.

Any speed above 60 kph and the temperature was fine but I decided to follow a slow MGB to Edwards Park which was a mistake. There’s also a few other maintenance jobs I need to do, so the time has come.

For RHD cars a flat bar works well, I had to add the offset after fitting the AC Compressor pulley. Well the pudding has settled, that’s the Christmas pudding and not the black one. I have always bought my MGs for the joy of driving them. You just have to ask this vehicle to take you to an address and off you go. Probably not, though I’m sure the early versions will have wheels. Try keeping a TC between the roadside verge and the white line as you go off on a car club run.Once a car’s bonnet is open it attracts all sorts of people and it still surprises me when I was asked ‘did MG put a six cylinder motor in an MGB or is it a modification?” Thanks for coming out on the Hello, it's Richard here again.Lynton had some other chocolaty thing that looked equally as delicious.Out front of the cafe hanging high on a post is a bicycle to encourage packs of bike riders to call in for a coffee and earlier that morning there were many.Unfortunately my MGC disgraced itself by emptying the contents of its cooling system onto the pavement when I arrived at Edwards Park to start the run.It was the first hot day of the summer season and I now know that the s viscous clutch fan (a modification) is not working. I’ve had over 15 years and 60,000 miles of pretty much trouble free motoring in the old girl and she even performed admirably at Mallala race track over the Easter Nat Meet this year.First there was one from Jim who was back of Bourke trying to hold on to his caravan in high winds, then there was Ron who was paddling up Katarapko Creek with his son and grandson, then Robin, who had the weakest excuse of all, was painting his wheels (it’s a bit like arranging your bottles of nail polish isn’t it? We set off up Greenhill Road leading us into the Adelaide Hills.It’s about a 475 meter climb up over the range then down through Summertown and Urailda and turning off at Rangeview Road.Of course it’s not only limited to older drivers ... Turning the key, yes it has one of those too, the six pistons jump into life and what a lovely sound it makes. So enjoy your old, non-digital, piece of driving history, ‘cos, if you live long enough it might not be possible. I was always cautioned never to buy one because if the electronic ignition failed you were stuck and had to call a toe truck.


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