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Becoming Indian feels a bit like a metamorphosis – a complete change of form, structure, or substance – but it’s not.It’s more like a hidden and suppressed side of our persona and outlook finally refusing to be denied and seeping slowly into our life to change it forever.You guys already know that how much NRI girls keen to having friends all around the world, Specially NRI girl looking desi young boys from India and Pakistan, Bangladesh.The reason is not specific but its clear that NRI girls are hot and charming due to their stylish attitude desi boys attract to them.I am usually too busy writing books or columns and never get a chance to share my relocation experience much. Certain foreign media houses love to carry stories about the ‘poor little pathetic India’ stereotype or the ‘real muck beneath the shining India’ stories anyway.The article above talks about one guy’s relocation (that didn’t work out). After all, everyone has the right to write, express and feel whatever they want.I saw potential in her, and enrolled her for a basic computer course.

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Finally, he and his wife returned back to the USA, where they now live in California. Well, I am doing so because I am also a returned NRI.

I must also add I don’t want to come across extolling my virtues.

However, it is important people who have read the above piece to get another side of the story as well. Both my wife and I worked in banking jobs then, and domestic help was imperative given our 3 year old twin boys.

I felt I could provide a different perspective, especially to those thinking of moving back to the country. I am not going to counter argue the points raised in the article.

I will simply share some of my own experiences in the situations mentioned in the article.


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