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There are so many different ways to text and it all says something about you. Scenario three: It’s about seven in the evening outside some restaurant downtown. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, in sickness and in health until thy wife un-match thee, I now pronounce you Tinder-wed.Missoula’s poor response to these rapes led to national scrutiny and a yearlong Department of Justice investigation.

The third scenario has been my experience with Tinder. One of the very first questions people ask and should ask is,” So why are you on Tinder? If you want to just grab coffee and find out more about each other tell them that. It’s actually good to be paranoid; it’s ok to be cautious. For example, Tinder dates should be in a public place. These little social cues are a part of a language this generation knows all too well. Whatever happens next doesn’t matter because she won’t remember anyways. They find themselves having tons of things to talk about, because wow there is just so much to learn. I’m just saying that there’s another side to this app that isn’t being talked about. After one too many tequila shots, a dapper young gent offers to buy her another drink. Again, I do not deny that Tindering in New York is very much like what Vanity Fair describes.“I wanted to tell the victims’ view.” Seated in an armchair on a small stage, Krakauer was at turns impassioned, cantankerous, and unapologetic. At one point he said that many prosecutors needed to “get [their] fucking act together” and pursue more rape cases.Abramson pointed out that Krakauer wrote most of the book based on transcripts and recordings and didn’t even try to interview key players like the county attorney or the university president. Since its launch in 2012, it has spread across the country. Vanity Fair broke down the Tinder culture of densely populated New York City in “Tinder and the Dawn of the ‘Dating Apocalypse.” The article essentially boiled the app down to one idea: Swipe right for sex tonight. “I hate to see a lovely town’s reputation get destroyed.” In his book, Krakauer did point out that Missoula’s rape rate—350 reported rapes in just over four years—is slightly less than average for a town of its size.But many Missoulians felt sucker-punched for a problem that affects communities nationwide.“My plan from the get-go was not to rely on interviews,” Krakauer said.“I needed to get documents.” It was partly a legal concern—he was writing about litigious people and didn’t want his book stuck in libel limbo. “I have a point of view in this book,” he said, “but it’s balanced.


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