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No geeky list of screensavers is complete without the iconic Electric Sheep.The psychedelic screensaver certainly needs no introduction.There’s a little something for every type of geek, from the GTD Geek to the Trekkie in you that’s bursting to come out. Available in 28 languages, with a 24 hour or 12 hour clocks, and font size customization; Polar Clock gives you a fun and colourful way to protect your screen, and tell the time.Polar Clock is available as a free download for Mac and Windows users, and is also available as a paid i Phone app to turn your phone into a geek-chic nightstand.

PC users can get in on the fun with Crayon Room’s free Nancy is a writer and editor living in Washington DC.

These days, it seems that one of the last things people think about when it comes to customising their computers is the screensaver.

There are all sorts of options out there for both Mac and PC users — from abstract vector designs to clocks and calendars to keep your eye on the time.

Did Lorca also pull the strings to make sure that shuttle pilot died? (There are black Delta insignias aboard his ship, which is has me on unsteady ground.

Personally, I say “no.” A damaged ship was all he needed. With no other iteration of this franchise has it taken me this long to get my space legs.


  1. So put down your snozzcumbers, finish up your frobscottle, and get over to Mashable where you can watch the teaser and hope that you only get sweet dreams. Although an opening date has yet to be determined, construction at both sites will begin next year, and if you thought for one second that the addition of a galaxy.

  2. May 28, 2013. On Tuesday, NASA took the wraps off a potential next-gen thruster system that looks like something described in Trekkie fanfic A solar-electric ion propulsion. Mashable notes that NASA is considering the propulsion system for the agency's asteroid retrieval program, which will send a remote unmanned.

  3. February 13, 2018 – Mashable – Looking to hookup? These apps are the best place to start. February 12, 2018 – New Statesman – How a dating app is changing romance for Egypt's conservative millennials. February 12, 2018 – Her Campus – Love it, or Hate It, People Won't Stop Online Dating. February 11, 2018 – El.

  4. Maio 2014. E como diz o site Mashable “você não tem sete vidas para encontrar o seu par perfeito. Trekkie Dating. Nós não sabemos escrever em Klingon, mas se você é um verdadeiro fã de Star Trek, é possível que saiba. E também há chances de você possuir uma carta de amor escrita totalmente nesse idioma.

  5. Text reads No being is so important that he can usurp the rights of another. -Captain Jean-Luc Picard

  6. Oct 23, 2017. Warning This post contains spoilers for the “Lethe” episode of Star Trek Discovery. Star Trek Discovery has introduced a number of compelling new characters into the future that Gene Roddenberry created five decades ago. But one of the show's most fascinating personalities has been a Trek mainstay.

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