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Man dating two women simultaneously

Always keep a liberal stock of rubber with you and go for regular check-ups. The risk of it all is that you may lose that one great girl in the process, so make sure that the stakes aren't too high so that you have less to lose.Whether it's chance, timing, an exact alignment of stars — hell, who cares what it is!

Avoid having those intimate conversations with your flames and always carefully weigh your words before you utter them.

Avoiding calls simply suggests that you are trying to hide something.

Just talk normally making sure that your tone is neutral and keep the conversation short and tell her that you are busy and will call her back later.

For some reason, you can't seem to find it in your heart to turn any of them down. Dating a slew of studs simultaneously does wonders for your ego, your social life and (duh! The ideal setup, she says, is to have "a pair and a spare," meaning you should keep at least three Romeos in rotation at once.

You'll never get hung up on whether any one man will call, and guys you go out with will pick up on that decidedly undesperate vibe and clamor for you even more. Read on for all the instruction you'll need to avoid potential pitfalls and maximize your man hot streak.


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  2. If all three women know you dating the other two ignore my write. Be a man, be trustworthy so. It is not immoral to date 3 girls simultaneously as.

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  5. Dating a slew of studs simultaneously does. and include two of your. connected with more than one man. "For a lot of women.

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