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Least sedating benzodiazepine

The effects from a dose of 1mg or less are so subtle it's easy to forget you've even taken a benzo at all.Second would be very low-dose xanax, but even then it feels like a tranquilizer, which it of course is. once you start hitting 18mg then it's a different story...Plus it has the added benefit of doubling as the best stim comedown killer ever Plus, they just released the generics so its cheap now as well Edit, I saw anxiety factors mentioned as well, i have to say seroquel is much valued in my anxiety, ptsd arsenal, its a great last resort, a gaurentee if you will to deal with any situation, even the worst panic attack or bad ptsd episode, nothing working, dont want to deal with it, seroquel will end your situation, not gracefully, but brutally, sleep gaurenteed, tested in the middle of the worst type of mental states.The piece of mind it provides a sufferer simply with the knowlege its there if needed, is worth it. i think i remember that clorazepate acts mostly as a prodrug. Etizolam is for someone who doesn't want to be sedated ( it's a poor sedative after several dosages, IME), but needs to remain positively stimulated and cognizant. i forgot all about oxazepam, yes, it is very good in this regard, and is fairly similar to clorazepate in overall feel/dosage.I wish I could add more but I haven't really tried many other benzos.I will stress that these are _tools_ and are to be highly respected, take it from someone who had a bad stint with xanax.

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I tried something called oxepam once and I liked that too. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Degree of sedation: Glasgow coma score, Mc Carron Score, and whether patients were stuporose or comatose. It works for anxiety without making me feel like I took something, by which I mean it doesn't effect my mood in any way other than reducing anxiety.

I really enjoy bromazepam, but it can be accompanied by some horrible side effects.

But its a very good anxiolytic benzo to me and at low doses doesn't provide too much sedation.

sorry to hijack ( well not Really ^.^)- I'm wonder what's the clearest and least depressing benzo ( want to remain as "up" as possible during bupe detox) I read a study comparing 5-ht antagonism ( don't quote me on that, might have not been quite antagonism), but the results were librium was the most "depressing", a few other benzos were medium "depressing", and oxazepam was the least so. both are very good as pure anxiolytics, and mediocre to bad recreational benzos.

both drugs come in 50mg dosages around these parts, and from subjective experience clorazepate is about twice as potent.


  1. Hello, I am interested to hear people's opinions as to which benzodiazepine is least sedating when used as an daytime anxiolytic. Thanks.

  2. I was just curious what the most and least sedating benzo is. Mabey some of you have experiences with many of them, and I'd appreciate the info. The clonaze.

  3. Nonbenzodiazepines such as zaleplon and zolpidem and low doses of sedating. because tolerance to benzodiazepine sedating effects. persist for at least.

  4. Facts about Antianxiety and Sedative Medications. as the benzodiazepine level in their body declines. Because of the sedating effects.

  5. For me personally I find valium to be the least sedating and Xanax to be the most sedating. Ive tried about 5 benzo's or so.

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