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Her ass immediately tightened, but I warned, “This will go a lot better if you relax, Ms.

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Markus looked down and explained, “Dallas told me to meet her in the janitor’s room after school. “Don’t you dare, Markus.” I glared at the blonde cheerleader, her face a mess from the mixture of tears and make-up. It should feel like I am fucking your mouth.” Insulted, yet seemingly determined to prove me wrong, she began to bob up and down at a steady pace and although she never got all nine- inches of me in her mouth, she did get eight.Not in a million years could I have been ready for this. Far as I knew, she was dating Elden Winster, the starting quarterback.I pulled the two into my office and asked the obvious question, ignoring the question I really wanted to ask, “Why would you two choose to fool around in the janitor’s room? I will ask you again how many boys have plugged your cunt? “A dozen or so,” she whispered, humiliated to admit it. Allen.” I grabbed her shoulders and gently pushed her onto her knees.It would still be a tight squeeze, but that I liked.I got behind her, my nine-inch cock ready for action.” Markus looked like he had already shit his pants and Dallas was already in tears. “You are a slut and I could use my very own personal cheerleader slut,” I explained, as I unbuckled my belt. Releasing my cock from my boxers, I asked “and how many cocks have you sucked? She looked up, her left hand gripping my cock, “If I suck your cock, you won’t suspend me? If you obey everything I ask you to do, I won’t suspend you,” I clarified, before instructing, “Now get sucking, my slut.” She leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth.But fifteen years of this job and I knew those were not real tears, but I-can-cry-on-cue-to-get-out-of-trouble tears. Stanford, it was a real stupid thing to do.” Ignoring the crying girl, I explained, “You understand if this goes on your record, you can kiss Harvard goodbye.” “Y-y-yes, sir,” a completely devastated Markus stuttered, like the geek he was. For having sucked so many, she really was an amateur at it.“Aaahhh,” she let out, as I widened her virgin ass for my cock. Allen, your tight ass is almost ready for my cock.” “Oh God,” she moaned, as I explored her insides with my fingers.Finally confident I had prepared her as best I could for her anal deflowering, I slid my fingers out and quickly moved my cock into position again.Stanford.” Confident in her sexual irresistibility, her hand went to my erect cock in my pants. Her scream simmered down to whimpers as my two fingers disappeared between her tight ass cheeks. Allen, your ass is slowly getting used to being widened or as the books call it gaping.” “It still hurts,” she whined. “Just relax and I think you will feel the shift from slight burn to sweet tingle,” I explained.Feeling my nine-inch cock, she purred, “Hmmmm, impressive.” “So I have been told, ” I smugly retorted. I continued the wiggle inside her sweet ass slowly widening her.


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