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So I have a few questions: 1) I have understood that in order to have the playcount updated, I have to play x% of the podcast but what happens if I don't play it one shot, if I interrupt it and then continue to listen to it (maybe after listening another podcast)? What complicates it is that yesterday I got a group of 4 scrobbles that did go through, and now it is back to correctly sending "Now Playing" while not scrobbling anything.

I am not aware of any particular changes in this time frame that would affect this on either Jun 28 or yesterday. I have "Scrobble Droid Apps" and "Android Music Player" as enabled apps in the scrobbler.

It can at times be very frustrating to have Android devices because syncing them with i Tunes can be an irksome task.

This article is for those who have Android devices and are still searching for a guaranteed way of synchronizing Android devices with i Tunes.

Player Pro is the apt music player, and installing it on the phone will enable you to synchronize play counts, album art, ratings, lyrics, etc.

You are now ready to enjoy the i Tunes which you have just synchronized with your Android phone.

These ten simple steps will have your i Tunes synced with your Android phone.

In order to play the synced i Tunes it is mandatory that a music player which works in synchronization with i Syncrr is installed on Android Device.

I used to be a heavy user of ipod app/itunes/smartplaylist and I'm trying to replicate the same environment in android which is not straightforward.As it turns out, i Syncr is created by the same team that developed Rocket Player, which I recently reviewed and loved.With its simple interface, i Syncr allows you to quickly and painlessly keep your i Tunes and Android in line with each other.This articles spell out the best way synchronizing Android with i Tunes.There can be other applications available in the market but you must use your prudence to select one. Yesterday, when I started a track by tapping which was previously played half-ways, the scrobbler got activated but showed the track title which was last played by another media player. Also, I'm wondering if the "start track" event is the same for the cases where 1) I tap on a track and 2) a track is started because it's next in queue. However, for me, it doesn't work with the 3.3.68 version. =) Hello there, I'm evaluating BP for permanent use and was pleased to see that it supports scrobbling.This is as bare-bones as it gets, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad by any means. Without all the bells and whistles, using Easy Phone Tunes ends up being a very straightforward process. This app is great because it can transfer the entire i Tunes library or only select playlists, which offers a bit of flexibility to you based on how much data you need transferred.You run the desktop program, start up the Android app, click the big synchronization button, and everything is taken care of for you. Unlike i Tunes to Android Sync, which only runs on Windows, Easy Phone Tunes runs on both Windows and Mac.


  1. Feb 10, 2017. The second question wonders why some Apple Music tracks are not only “no longer available,” but also deleted from an iTunes library. ”Live updating” means that the playlist updates as you add new items to your library, or as you listen to audiobooks to the end, at which time their play counts update.

  2. I'd love to be able to at least split the process of syncing play counts TO the server, and refreshing the content on the device - more often than not I just want to sync playconunts than refresh anyway. Continue to love iSyncr, I just want to see if improve. Justin Tipton +Babak Bagherzadeh Let's discuss over email. I really do.

  3. Combine iSyncr with our free Rocket Player music player to take advantage of these additional features - Sync new playlists and playlist changes back to iTunes - Sync podcast bookmarks to and from iTunes - iSyncr Live Lists dynamically update while playing - Sync video play counts. Note This app will not sync copy.

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