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Intimidating neighbours ireland

’ve recently had the good fortune to spend time at Gold Valley Wood, nestling in the rolling Brendon Hills where Devon and Somerset meet.

In this area a series of small streams and underground channels cross the landscape as the water drains from the high ground of Exmoor.

Hi I own some land with a large river chalk stream runs through, I own both sides. These people have also let this fishing out to a club so I now have lots more people coming onto my land.

my questions are 1 if the fishing rights was given to one person back in 1922 and he passed them onto his sons, can they then calve them up and let them out to hundreds of people, hence I have to let all these people onto my land?

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Interestingly it’s not just those that have a watercourse flowing across their land that are affected, but also those with land where the watercourse forms a boundary with another landowner.I am keen for my granddaughter – 10 to occasionaly have a little fishing experience (any fish to be returned to the stream).By chance I was speaking to a person in a local pub who advised that his fishing club had all the fishing rights on this stream – which is about 3 miles long and that she could not fish even on my land.We own a plot of land with a stream running around it, on the left hand side the brook runs past several houses.it was shown to be in our legal ownership in 1922 but somehow in further maps showed riperian ownership.although the rest of the stream is registered to us.we are in the process of almost acheiving flood defence works but one person has objected to the project hence putting it at risk.Do we have Riparian rights to abstract the water from the lake for domestic purposes?The previous owner used the water to irrigate his land. I am about to purchase a small plot of land where a brook containing small brown trout forms one of the bounderies.all other familes state that we have looked after the whole stream, dredging, cleaning etc.the objector states that he will lose his right of water although he never cleans it.


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