How to succeed at dating

Every man has his own history – what went wrong, but every man can make an analyse and choose the right way for him.

All answers for all our questions- inside of us, we do not need advices, tutorials, another person – just listen yourself. What you will do with all your knowledge you have now?

Make a plan for yourself, write what qualities of a Lady are important for you, imagine her ideal, describe how your future life will be together.

Now look to Ladies you have in correspondence or going to meet – if they correspond to your parameters, did you investigated well your partner – before bought a ticket and fly to the meeting?

In our experience, if you follow these steps you are more likely to find your Ukraine bride.

1.) Start with the end in mind: Before you join a Ukraine Dating site and start looking for that special Ukrainian lady, write down the key characteristics that you seek in her to achieve compatibility, love and happiness.

Another tool I like to use when somebody tells he wants a wife from Ukraine – it is GROW model from life coaching (). You will feel – do you really have motivation move forward, spend time, money, and resources for search?

The chances of a 60-year-old man marrying a 28-year-old lady is close to zero.

We find that 10-year age gap is acceptable for a lady under 30, a 15-year age gap for a lady under 35 and a 20-year age gap for ladies older than 35, but this is not common.

It is very important to have a strong wish – lets say if we have a scale from 0 to 10, your intention to find a wife in Ukraine should be more then 7, about 8 or even 9. If you have intention on 4-5 points, it is better not to waste resources and solve more important things in your life today) Because if you are not motivated for search, you will spend money for chatting, texting, skype with all these Ladies from dating sites, but will never come and see them, just because it is not of a high importance. What you have already done in direction of Ukrainian wife search, if that worked out well?

Be honest with yourself, ask yourself every time- am I ready to change my life? Options, or opportunities – you can see what you could do better, then now?


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