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How to deal with an imtimadating

A restraining order may be made in addition to the conviction, or an injunction obtained.

The PHA is the main criminal legislation dealing with the offence of harassment.

This carries a £1,000 fine or a penalty notice of £80.

One of the most common forms of harassment is malicious or nuisance telephone calls. Abusive, annoying, harassing, obscene or threatening telephone calls are an invasion of your privacy.Intimidation or harassment is a personalised form of anti-social behaviour, specifically aimed at particular individuals.People experience repeated incidents and problems of intimidation and harassment day after day.I can't fix the mean girl who blows you off at the bar or the not-so-mean girl you just said has “resting bitch face (RBF).” (Also, I'm pretty sure my brain-on-fire-and-therefore-deep-in-thought face does not mean I'm a bitch, so please stop using “RBF").That is, unless you want women to just start calling you a resting assh*le (“RA” for short).It can cover a wide range of conduct and behaviours, including racial or religious motivated harassment, and could also be used to prosecute certain types of anti-social behaviour where these amount to 'harassment', such as playing loud music, barking dogs or noisy house repairs.In England and Wales, it is an also offence to cause harassment, alarm or distress under the Public Order Act 1986.The incidents do not have to involve the same type of behaviour on both occasions.Criminal harassment is a 'summary only' offence dealt with by the magistrates' court and carries a maximum sentence of: Upon conviction, a magistrates' court can make a restraining order, breach of which carries a maximum sentence of 5 years' imprisonment.Injunctions may be made under Housing Act or Housing (Northern Ireland) Order 2003 provisions, where the harassment or intimidation is housing-related, or under section 222 Local Government Act 1972 or Article 116 of the Local Government Act (Northern Ireland) 1972, which enables local authorities to take court action to promote or protect the interests of the inhabitants of their area.Eviction of the perpetrator is another option, moving the individual away from those whom they are intimidating or harassing.


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