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Examples self profile for on line dating

People observe the symmetrical nature, often including asymmetrical balance, of social interactions in a variety of contexts.These include assessments of Reciprocity, empathy, sympathy, apology, dialog, respect, justice, and revenge.Symmetry is important to chemistry because it undergirds essentially all specific interactions between molecules in nature (i.e., via the interaction of natural and human-made chiral molecules with inherently chiral biological systems).The control of the symmetry of molecules produced in modern chemical synthesis contributes to the ability of scientists to offer therapeutic interventions with minimal side effects.Since the earliest uses of pottery wheels to help shape clay vessels, pottery has had a strong relationship to symmetry.Pottery created using a wheel acquires full rotational symmetry in its cross-section, while allowing substantial freedom of shape in the vertical direction.

A long tradition of the use of symmetry in carpet and rug patterns spans a variety of cultures.The type of symmetry is determined by the way the pieces are organized, or by the type of transformation: Thus, "is the same age as" is symmetrical, for if Paul is the same age as Mary, then Mary is the same age as Paul.Symmetric binary logical connectives are and (∧, or &), or (∨, or |), biconditional (if and only if) (↔), nand (not-and, or ⊼), xor (not-biconditional, or ⊻), and nor (not-or, or ⊽).In statistics, it appears as symmetric probability distributions, and as skewness, asymmetry of distributions.This concept has become one of the most powerful tools of theoretical physics, as it has become evident that practically all laws of nature originate in symmetries.The ancient Chinese, for example, used symmetrical patterns in their bronze castings as early as the 17th century BC.Bronze vessels exhibited both a bilateral main motif and a repetitive translated border design.Animals that move in one direction necessarily have upper and lower sides, head and tail ends, and therefore a left and a right.The head becomes specialized with a mouth and sense organs, and the body becomes bilaterally symmetric for the purpose of movement, with symmetrical pairs of muscles and skeletal elements, though internal organs often remain asymmetric.American Navajo Indians used bold diagonals and rectangular motifs.Many Oriental rugs have intricate reflected centers and borders that translate a pattern.


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