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Drew barrymore is dating ellen page

Staying in the closet meant Page became subject to various media reports linking her to male co-stars including Canadian actor Mark Rendall, X-Men star Ben Foster and latterly her East co-star Alexander Skarsgard.'I would talk about being gay, make jokes about it, or go to a meeting and [mention it] - because I'm also producing and starring in a lesbian civil rights movie [Freeheld starring Julianne Morore] and I've been working on it for years,' she tells The Hollywood Reporter.

actress has been dating David Hutchinson — a senior vice president at Maesa, the company that manufactures and markets her Flower Beauty products.

Page Six was first to report the news of their pairing, with a source telling the outlet the two were in Palm Springs, California, for a wedding last weekend. I always knew that wasn’t a Madonna-Britney staged kiss. Let’s ignore Ellen Page’s totally awkward centre parting. All in all, this is an outfit that screams, “I totally sleep with women and also, I condition my hair every day.” If you can’t tell, I’m slightly nonplussed by Page’s outing. What with the Saturday Night Live skits where she screamed things like, “Why does everything have to have a frickin’ label? AND IT INCLUDES LOTS OF LADIES LIKE DREW BARRYMORE AND CLEA DU VALL. I like how the Bieber outfit is offset by her flowing locks. It’s not your place to force someone out the closet, no matter your reasons for doing so. ” If Page was ever in a closet, it was one that was pretty much made of glass.And doesn’t the entire process of being outed by someone else imply that being gay is something to be ashamed about in the first place? Maybe this is kind of asking too much of modern celebrities.If you’re going to trade off your public fame for profit and adulation, maybe people deserve to know every detail of your private life, including your sexuality? I mean, as much as I like – okay, LOVE – the titillation factor of knowing Ellen Page has slept with a Charlie’s Angel, I didn’t to know it. (Except maybe the documentary she narrated about how all the bees were dying.The first, from June 2, features Barrymore and fashion editor Zanna Roberts Rassi at a restaurant.The other, from Monday, shows her and a friend holding up purses up over their faces.'I used to wish that it was a switch that I could turn, and play the game and do the thing and put on the thing and smile and whatever,' she recalls.'And I just couldn't on an inexplicable level - soul, if I may.Nowadays, the star is usually seen in her favourite jeans and checked shirt - at the post Oscars Vanity Fair party this year she arrived sporting a tuxedo.But her new dress sense has seemingly divided some.


  1. Mar 3, 2014. Drew Barrymore has never really hid the fact that she has dabbled in lesbian relationships with various Hollywood women. She even exchanged a passionate kiss with Liv Tyler at the Oscars several years ago, totally raising eyebrows. She has also admitted to dating a lot of women in her younger years.

  2. Sep 14, 2009. During Drew's visit to Detroit to promote her film 'Whip It', she talks about her kiss with Ellen Page in the new Marie Claire!

  3. Feb 21, 2014. Page has become an instant hero — and with good reason. But Page's announcement still raises one question for me Where are all the bisexuals? Most likely you had no idea that Anna Paquin, Drew Barrymore, Mike White, Megan Fox, Billie Joe Armstrong, and even Snooki all identify as bisexual though.

  4. Jun 17, 2017. A source confirms to PEOPLE that Drew Barrymore has been dating David Hutchinson — the senior vice president of Maesa, the company that makes. Page Six was first to report the news of their pairing, with a source telling the outlet the two were in Palm Springs, California, for a wedding last weekend.

  5. Sep 9, 2009. Look, makers of Whip It, you already totally had me at fierce girls on roller skates. But now, thanks to two new magazine photoshoots, my anticipation is fever pitch. Or, more accurately, the kind of fever that happens in my brain at the sight of Drew Barrymore straddling Ellen Page on the floor. And, well, then.

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