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Dating white pine trees

Many pines species are very attractive ornamental trees when planted in parks and large gardens.

Dwarf cultivars, suitable for planting in smaller gardens, have also been developed.

It's valued for its stiff branches, dark green needles, and durability.

The clusters of young, green cones found on branch tips can be eaten raw. Pine resin is sometimes used for asthma treatment in alternative medicines.

Pinus strobes Common name: White Pine Pines trees are needle-leafed evergreen trees from the genus Pinus.

They are the most common type of conifer in the world, with between 105 to 125 species.

Their branches grow in "pseudowhorls", which are actually tight spirals but look like a ring of branches springing from the same point on the tree. Pines are also distinguished by their bundles of long, narrow needles and their large, woody cones. Different species mature to different sizes; the white pine often grows to a height of over 80 feet with a trunk diameter of three feet.

The wind moving through their needles gives a distinctive sound, and their fragrance is unique. Pine cones usually open at maturity to release the seeds they contain.


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