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If they aren’t totally creeped out, you can send desperate, stalkerish texts for months to come.Of course, chances are it’ll be some unsuspecting bloke in Hampstead who’s getting all your texts instead, but hey ho. The Dating Skills Smartwatch also has clever built-in subliminal hypnosis tracks which can teach you to be more confident and impart strategies on how to pick up girls.He is now the most successful writer of personal development books on the planet.His tv show, I CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE, demonstrated to tens of millions how he has the skills to improve lives beyond recognition.A brilliant teacher and recognized genius in the workings of the human mind, he has mentored the world's most successful thought leaders and masters of personal transformation, for more than 45 years and is a a virtuoso of hypnosis.Author of numerous game-changing books on self-help, including the best-selling GET THE LIFE YOU WANT, he has directly inspired hundreds of thousands of people through his specialist training, and tens of millions more through books, tv appearances, radio interviews, videos and by mentoring many of today's most respected inspirers, including lifestyle specialist and close friend Paul Mc Kenna.We’re expecting these strategies to involve more cat photos and dodgy underhand tactics, and not much of the ‘maybe try talking to them like human beings’ angle that’s generally quite popular.Specs-wise, the Dating Skills Smartwatch packs a 1.54-inch touchscreen, Italian leather/silicone band, earphones for listening to those subliminal tracks and is compatible with i OS as well as Android.

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Apparently approaching a girl and simply showing her your watch face will prove that you’re a sensitive soul and immediately get her in the mood to do awesome things to your penis.It's a great feeling to know that I have learned new strategies from them that I have already been applying to the people I help..great success I might add'My name is Emily, this is for living, for coaching, and I'm teaching other people and so I thought I would come here to meet the best teachers in the world.I already bought some books, so read a lot about Richard and they're really the best .Learning to go into trance and altering your state enables you to think in new ways. In order to give you close support from Richard, Paul and our brilliant assistants, we have strictly limited the number of seats on this training.This means you benefit from being closely trained by the best hypnotists in the world.chosen partner is staring in wonder at that fluffy kitten, you can use the watch to snap a sneaky shot of their face.Then simply ask them for their number and offer to send the blurry, surprised shot to them, and bingo!Richard Bandler and Paul Mc Kenna will demonstrate the power of hypnosis for two dynamic, extraordinary days that will help you in ways you had never dreamed possible before. People don't become successful and motivated by accident.Richard and Paul…always fun...always educational... There are specific skills they do in their head that enables them to achieve.Sadly there’s no built-in sex spray to fire into their faces, to make them instantly gagging for it.Although we’re kind of hoping a female version hits stores soon, with built-in pepper spray in case any Dating Skills Smartwatch PUAs approach.


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