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Dating anniversary milestones Free sex chat no credit car needed

My boyfriend and I acknowledge every month because it makes us happy.Once we hit a year we probably won't do that anymore.He did post a picture of me on his Instagram for our 6 month though and I thought it was incredibly sweet.

I'm curious if anyone has the same views as me on this specific topic.I agree though, it annoys me when people call it an anniversary each month.I celebrate non-anniversaries as kind of a joke with my boyfriend just to have a silly excuse to do something fun! I do agree it's kind of juvenile, but young love these days hardly ever makes it to a year, lol. Lol I did this the first year I was with my fiancé because he was my first long term relationship so it got me excited knowing we made it through another month.At my best college friend’s wedding, a groomsman joked that the bride and groom were very good at honoring “month-aversaries” in Facebook status updates.They’d recognize the anniversary of their first date, first kiss, first “I love you” declaration, engagement, etc., all of which are special but hard to remember for those outside the relationship. I bought a few things from Open Sky and went to Target on Cyber Monday (but not Black Friday, because I don’t want to get trampled) to get holiday shopping out of the way, and after glancing at the horrifically violent Legos in the kids’ aisle, I decided to wait on purchasing gifts for my nephews and headed for the greeting cards section.Not only do three family members have birthdays in December, but my new flame and I are celebrating our two month anniversary, so I thought I’d grab him a nice note to accompany the pre-Christmas present I’d picked out.I have always thought celebrating months was silly.It seems like mostly a thing teenagers do because most of their relationships don't even last one year. The problem was, there weren’t very many anniversary cards for non-married newbie couples.Everything was categorized under “Anniversary for the wife,” “Anniversary for the husband,” “Anniversary for the parents,” “Happy 20-year wedding anniversary,” etc.


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