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14 the UAB Police and Birmingham Fire departments received an emergency call from the comer of Seventh Avenue and 20th Street South There was a fire in the Administration We detect &correct spinal tnit**HQntn*U, are the bowels of the institution Tilled Vith-dttgs and other beings whose lives offer nothing but pain, loneliness and despair? In many instances, (he use of animals in research is not wrung, but the grim, ghastly existence these animals endure is more than It may be morally correct for UAB to use dogs, cats and monkeys in medical research, but does the institution have a right to ignore the pain inflicted on these creatures?Is it cor-rect to allow these animals to suffer because d Algs that could ameliorate their pain cost money?

Afriendship ruined on account of some strange man needing change. Iwas still trying to see if Icould make one lap around the track withoutrunning out of breath.Also, your indication that you realized later the reason they ask you whatyou are studying is because "they wish they had the same opportunities" that you have is a strong statement tomake.How do you know what opportunities they have been afforded? As stupid as he was (is), he represented our school and gave us pride.In 1983 Brown took the head coach-es job at Cincinnati, going 4-6-1 before leaving to take the reins at Rice. Brown returned to Vanderbilt in 1986 to become head coach and posted records of 1-10, 4-7. Brown's offense broke 57 school Brown tapped as new football coach The University of Alabama at Birmingham VOLUME59, NO.1 January 3, 1995 12 PAGES Irtfc Hlt COLSTOWPHOTO t Ul UH Offlc«» In m« UAB Administration building on 20th m—\ and S«v*nth Av*nu« South caught fir*on 0«c. Th« building wa* ck«*d inrwn*dlat«ly tor repair* Th«f» w«i« no rapoited ln|uri«» The numerous rumors of the police arnv ing two hours late to the disaster, the Administration Building being closed down for several months, and the whole building being engulfed in smoke are "rubbish," said Jim Garland, associate vice president tor facilities.Is it alright to cage these animals for weeks and months without exercise, emotional billingand obligations accompany rights? 1 editorial concluded humans have rights and animals do not.Itdoesn't follow that humans have a right to perpetrate cruelty and misery against lesser beings Do not responsi-just anybody can do.For all you know they are happy in their present occupation, and they are obvi-ously skilled because construction is not a job Graduate Student School of Public Health Cwrto Monro* Mr. 8 issue of Kaleidoscope regarding "Making (he most of your opportunity" surfed offcomical, 1 felt compelled to respond once I got to the epilogue. Second, many schools use animals as mas-cots: elephants, tigers and war eagles. It's time we were called the University of Birmingham. According to maintenance per-sonnel, police were late in responding to the alarm because of multiple false alarms in recent weeks.Workers stereotyped Graduate Student School of Public Health Jo« Jablechl accepted a "no mascot" sports program. This alarm wasn't crying wolf, though, and the fire damage was increased because ofthe late response. To Dr Jim Hilyer, for his dedication and commit Wtt menl to UAB football Hilyer took UAB from a club team witha losing record to a group ofathletes on the verge of Division 1-Acompetition.Realize that there are people in this world who do not long for the professions society has convinced us are desirable and the only way to be successful.Iknow of several unemployed and under-employed lawyers, physicians and business-men.


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