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Provides functions below: All video file type to MP4/3GP/MPG/AVI/WMV/FLV/SWF. Download the Player Get Windows Media Player for your version of Windows or learn how to play Windows Media files on your Mac."STILLNESS IN THE WATER" AKA: "JAWS" by Carl Gottlieb and Peter Benchley From the novel by Peter Benchley OVER BLACK Sounds of the innerspaces rushing forward. ANOTHER PART OF THE BEACH NIGHT Tom and Chrissie are separated from the others, silhouetted against the fire, she pauses and looks at the ocean, he is plodding along in the sand, winded. She runs headlong into the inviting sea, plunges cleanly into the water with a light "Whoops! Behind all this, we continue to hear the sentimental, beery chorus of alma maters. Then it too is sucked below in a final and terrible jerking motion. Before Brody can answer, Michael, his oldest boy, enters, holding his hand.

He adjusts his glasses, trying to make sense of what he is looking at. ANOTHER ANGLE - WATER Alex Kintner, paddling around, making boat sounds, tooting, going "vroom, vroom." ANGLE ON THE BOY AND GIRL They kiss, embrace, kiss again. They sink beneath the waves, knotted in an embrace. Alex is paddling around near them, but not involved with them. THE WATERFRONT A huge splash explodes in the water near the gang, an eruption of foam and spray that stops everyone cold for a moment. Since this affects all of us, I suggest we move into council chambers, where there's more room... HASSETT I didn't raise my kids to be some fish's lunch! TAFT The motel is all I own -- you pull the plug on this town and I go down the drain with it. He is a large, rough man, a professional fisherman marked by daily physical toil, About 45 or 50, it's hard to tell where the scars leave off and the wrinkles begin. On Game House, you ll find over 2300 great games in the most popular genres.Format Factory is a multifunctional media converter. He looks out the window to the view beyond, discovering some new wonder in the fresh sunlit morning. TWO YOUNG PEOPLE ON THE BEACH A Girl and her Boyfriend leave their blanket and run for the water, playing tag, chasing each other, having a wonderful time. BRODY'S POINT OF VIEW - THE WATER The young lady is disappearing under the water, pulled under the waves by some force. She pops right up again riding the shoulders of her boyfriend, who pulled her under. You want a nice cheap, leaky boat, you go down to the Hamptons. ANGLE LOOKING OUT TO SEA Making its way through the channel towards the dock is a sleek, expensive runabout with the name "Fascinatin' Rhythm" on the stern. That three thousand bounty beats working for a living. The Mate nods "Yes" and starts to prepare to get under way. SKIPPER 1 (THE SAILBOAT) Dammit, a vessel under sail has the right of way! This time it's the overloaded boat with the poor scallop fishermen. (to Brody again) -- Did you go out in a boat and look around? HOOPER (turns off the recorder) It wasn't an 'accident,' it wasn't a boat propeller, or a coral reef, or Jack the Ripper. A crowd of returning fishermen from the Armada and townspeople are gathering around the fish as it is hoisted tail-up into the classic sports fisherman's trophy shot. Very rare in these waters, and definitely a maneater. VAUGHN (speaking to everyone) I think we all owe a debt of gratitude to these men for catching this monster. BRODY (as he goes to make coffee, he fumbles with the new glasses) I don't want to depend on these things, y'know - sometimes you can weaken your eyes. BRODY KITCHEN DAY Brody answers one of two phones on the wall. The Man is throwing a stick out into the surf, the dog, a happy retriever, is bounding into the waves after it. He stretches to look past the group, to see what's happening out there. BOAT RENTAL MAN Prices go up June First every year. Amidst all this, we can hear the angry shouts of the entangled crews. HOOPER Just cast off in turn and make for the channel, OK? Brody starts back towards the shore, Hooper is by his side. Before he can finish, Brody spots something on shore that moves him to shout to his deputy. Brody looks, and stops by a boat that's about to cast off. BRODY If that's dynamite, give it here, or don't leave port. The professionals look professional, but the landlubbers out for the 00 make it impossible for everybody. THE RUBE GOLDBERG ERROR The Out-of-Towner in a small boat is bent over in a life and death struggle, his rod in a tight arc. Twenty yards away in another boat the same struggle ensues. There are occasional water ricochets and the bounty hunters duck from time to time as bullets skip by. FELIX AND PRATT Their boat has moved close to the shark, closer than Harry's. But Harry won't give up the line, still reeling in. Torso severed in mid-thorax, eviscerated with no major organs remaining. Right arm severed above the elbow with massive tissue loss from upper musculature. (tense, to Brody) -- did you notify the coast guard? HOOPER Left arm, head, shoulders, sternum and portions of ribcage intact. Gross tissue loss and post-mortem erosion of bite surfaces prevent detailed analysis; however, teeth and jaws of the attacking squali must be considered above average for these waters. As the shark is hoisted up into the air on a gin- pole hoist dockside, Meadows is seen passing with his secretary and a photographer from the Amity Gazette. BRODY AND VAUGHN They are walking down to the shark together. BRODY Matt Hooper, the specialist they send down from the Oceanographic Institute. HOOPER I didn't say this wasn't the shark, I just said I wasn't sure this was the one... HOOPER There are hundreds of different kinds of sharks; makos, blues, hammerheads, white-tips... HOOPER Let's just cut him open and see what's inside... Brody reacts to this, and bends to kiss her lightly. Around their particular blanket and umbrella are a number of adults and their kids, the youngsters gathered to celebrate Michael's birthday. Some other boats clear the way for it, zig-zagging in the harbor, causing an annoying chop. It's a small island of courtesy in an otherwise discourteous mob. He's standing near where Brody is finishing after his encounter with the chummers. ANOTHER DOCK AREA, CLOSE BY A particularly awkward moment between a small sailboat and a couple of powerboats. Have one of them pick it up for the national and call Dave Axelrod in New York and tell him this is from me and he owes me one... As he and the photographer turn to mob, we see Hooper and Brody arriving from the morgue. (he drifts off) The men (Felix, Pratt, et al) get Brody to join them in the shot. HOOPER AND THE FISHERMEN The men who landed the monster are in a tight cluster, debating something with Hooper, who is dwarfed by the big beer bellies and ham-fisted hands all around him. BRODY'S POINT OF VIEW OUTSIDE THE HOUSE Sean, the younger child, is happily romping in the summer air, enjoying the very air he breathes. ANGLE ON BIRTHDAY PARTY ON THE SAND - MARTIN AND ELLEN BRODY He is sitting stiffly in a beach chair, scanning the beach with careful, cautious looks, eyeballing everything that's going on. It's professionally handled, and rumbles in as it coasts in towards the dock area. BEN GARDNER AND HIS BOAT, FLICKA Matt Hooper is gliding into the dockside, and Ben throws him a line to help make fast as he moors. Ben and his Mate move away from the dock, headed towards the channel and the open sea leaving Felix and Pratt to scamper around the dock looking for another ride. SKIPPER 2 (MOTORBOAT) You schmuck, you ain't under sail, you're goddam drifting! MEADOWS Ginny, get this out on the state wire to AP and UPI in Boston and New York. " "It's a shark like in the movies they got sharks." "It's a man-eater, for sure." "I bet it's a record-breaker," etc. Hooper enters the circle, and picks up where he left off, measuring the shark's teeth. Brody and Vaughn are by now near the circle of fishermen, who are surrounding Hooper, raising their voices at him. Then a splinter of blue light in the center of the picture. Chrissie runs down the slope of the dune towards the water, leaving Tom reeling atop the dune. Tom is trying to trail her by her clothes, like Hansel following bread crumbs through the woods. Then we see it -- a gentle bulge in the water, a ripple that passes her a dozen feet away. She looks around for him, finds him still on the beach, his feet tangled in his pants, which have dropped around his ankles. HOLD on the eddies and swirls until we're sure it's all over. CLOSE ON TOM ON BEACH In his shorts, laughing to himself, turning in slow stoned circles, held prisoner by his windbreaker which seems to have him in an armlock, as he struggles to free his arm from a tight sleeve. Ellen Brody, a tall, attractive blonde woman, enters from upstairs. (she indicates bag of clothes) I'm taking them to the Thrift Shop. Pick out what you want to keep -- it's mostly your city clothes. There is bright new blood on it, but he is sensibly unconcerned. It breaks wide, showing the top and bottom a silhouetted curtain of razor sharp teeth suggesting that we are inside of a tremendous gullet, looking out at the onrushing undersea world at night. A pressure wave lifts her up, then eases her down again, like a smooth, sudden swell. As he turns, we hear the alma maters in the background, from the fire. BRODY HOUSE - BEDROOM - EARLY MORNING A shaft of morning sun blasts through the crack between the bottom of the shade and the windowsill, falling across the heads of the sleeping couple on the bed. She's still slightly sleepy, not what you'd call an "Instant-On" person. BRODY (looking through bag, remembering) I used to wear this to the Garden. BRODY How come the sun didn't used to shine in here? We hear the scampering toenails of two cocker spaniels scrabbling around the foot of the bed. ELLEN 'cause when we bought the house it was Autumn. Brody swings out of bed, wearing shorts, socks, and tee shirt.


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