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A bear swipes at the Scout, causing a shower of bones everywhere, but the Scout is revealed to be fine, claiming those were the bones of Earhart that were stuck in the costume.

The bear attacks again and the Scout swings a leg bone at it.

He berates the Pyro, at first humorously implying the Pyro is a menstruating woman, but promptly explains that he just needs the Pyro to stop blocking the plane's door.

He realizes there are several crates of honey on the plane, which must have interested the bears.

Darling reveals the animals mounted on his wall are not dead, but merely standing on boxes behind the wall and poking their heads through. Hale claims it will be easy, declaring he has a vault full of it.

He claims the animals, including a Himalayan wildebeest and a snow leopard, are the last of their kind and he wishes to make them immortal using Australium. However, Darling explains to him that the vault had been emptied and that the Administrator had something to do with it.

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They come up with a Plan B - fix the plane - but the bears arrive before they can attempt to do so.

Claire Smith, a committee member of Equal but Different, is one who accepts that biblical teaching precludes women's ordination.

"The issue of women's ordination to the priesthood has been thoroughly researched, discussed and debated over the last 15 years at least and the synod has consistently and, in my opinion, rightly repeatedly affirmed its commitment to the teaching of scripture and wisely accepted that ordination of women to the priesthood represents a departure from biblical teaching," she said.

BRONISLAVA LEE, a university student, is torn between two churches.

She grew up in the Anglican faith and counts St George's Church, Paddington, as her spiritual home, but as she contemplates a calling to the priesthood it is to the Uniting Church that she has turned.


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