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Bookofmatches dating site

Because this website is about adults dating and getting to know each other better, you have to be eighteen years of age or older in order to register and sign-up for a free membership.

Bookof Matches is only available in a few countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Because of this fact, the website is currently only available for usage in the English language but it’s possible that this site will expand its’ language outreach and how many countries it will be accessible in for the future.

Membership numbers aren’t currently available officially on the website but the user base is estimated to be in the thousands with hundreds of new members joining the website every day.

A free online dating website that offers a lot of good features and is easy to use can be difficult to come by.

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The scammers find new clever ways to avoid having their profiles deleted.There are neither hidden membership fees involved when you sign-up or any upgraded membership options to look for to get those advanced features that everybody loves.It’s 100% free and always will be from what the website advertises.You won’t need any credit cards, debit cards, Pay Pal accounts in order to get the most out of this website.In addition to being free, Bookof Matches prioritizes the privacy of all of its’ members as well as providing a high level of quality.Once the member has viewed another members profiles & communicated with them, their cell phone App can then cause them to unknowingly 'appear' to be viewing the other member/s profile/s excessively & repeatedly (which then sends an email notification to the viewed member each & every time, ~ if that member has their personal profile setting set to notify them of members who view their profile).So the member who uses a cell phone to access this site can potentially, easily, & unwittingly, look like a stalker in no time at all. Beware, if a member happens to unwittingly use the wrong word in their headline, their own profile is automatically deleted by the sites auto-bots, without any warning or explanation.Your quality score will be visible on your personal profile page and other members of the website will be available to view it for themselves.Even if Bookof Matches is a free website, it takes its’ privacy features serious and each member is allowed to set their privacy to their liking based on the criteria of the members they would like to contact or be contacted by.Because of this commitment, this website has created a “Quality Membership Score” for all of its’ members which will evaluate how you have been using the website and if you have been taking advantage of all of the features that are offered.Quality membership scores range from zero to one hundred so each member will have a quality score within that large range.


  1. A review of BookOfMatches.com, a free online dating site. Find out the positives and negative features of this matchmaking service. Plus, see what singles have.

  2. A review of BookofMatches. BookofMatches is a free to use singles site. It has a host of features such as real-time web chat, member rating, and personality tests.

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