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We modelled the absorption both parallel and perpendicular to the track, as marked by the four lines on the AFM image shown in Supplementary Fig.

We calculated the corresponding absorption spectra from 315 to 775 nm both under transverse-electric (Supplementary Fig.

In addition, we numerically demonstrate the promise of this technique for enhancing light trapping for other photoactive materials.

Quasi-random nanostructures have attracted significant interests for photon management purposes.

3d) polarizations in reference to the plane of the cross-section.

1), produces surprisingly close-to-optimized distribution of developed for high-density optical data storage, and has proven popular for distributing high-definition movies.

Intertekstualumo formos šiuolaikinėje dramaturgijoje (M. Why does it hurt walking flat-footed after wearing high heels?

The analysis of these dramas revealed that the text of S.

Besides, one of the expectations is the active and dynamically thinking reader.

Šių dramų analizės tikslas – išsiaiškinti, kaip įtvirtinta tam tikra intertekstualumo forma atskiruose tekstuose ir kaip tai keičia kūrinio prasmę, atsižvelgiant į ankstesnius siužetus ar jų elementus.

Tokiais būdais abu autoriai siekia aktualizuoti senesnių laikų tekstus ir permąstyti juos per nauja, iš laiko perspektyvos.


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