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Anniese taylor dendy dating

Here's a couple of pictures of them on the sets of BIO5 (having waay too much fun if you ask me)... No thanks to my recent moving-out-of-my apartment-drama, I'm a little (ok, waaaayyy) behind on this piece of news.And yes, there're currently working on the latest installment of the BIO franchise (which will be called BRING IT ON CINCO).If you are as curious as I am, then here's a look at the cast members of BIO5.And if somebody could tell me what the hell does CINCO means, I would really appreciate it :-) Also, according to Milian, the movie is slated for AUGUST 2009 (if they didn't decided to push it back again of course) From left to right: Christina Milian, Nikki Soohoo (Stick It, The Suite Life of Zach and Cody), Cody Longo (Abercrombie model), Holland Roden (Lost), Vanessa Born (The Darjeeling Limited), Gabrielle Dennis (The Game), Rachele Brooke Smith (Fired Up).This time around, popstar Christina Milian will take the leading role as Lina, a departure from the usual blonde cheerleader leads.Other stars in this made-for-DVD movie are Nikki Soohoo, Cody Longo, Holland Roden, Vanessa Born, Gabrielle Dennis, Meagan Holder & Rachele Smith. By 'kicking' here I mean trying to find my way underneath these piles & piles of work-related-but-not-that-important-papers. Apparently the screening (which was held in Universal City Walk, California) was only for "friends & family" of the cast.

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Here's a picture of Vanessa Born with some of the cheerleading extras (teams) from the set of BIO5 - CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT(again, the 'unauthorized' issue) Again from Ideal PR Blog, here's the cast members of BIO5 at the Live Mechanics Fashion Show in Beverly Hills...

And yes, I'm going to shamelessly admit that apart from Milian, I DO NOT recognize any of the other cast members. Here's a few pictures taken on set from Ideal PR Blog... I'm not sure whether this is a new movie centering on a cheerleading competition or just about a couple of guys meeting chicks in cheer camp (or maybe even both) but I sure think it's interesting. Here's a picture of the Tisdale sisters on the venue..

Quickpost this image to Myspace, Digg, Facebook, and others! I've uploaded some more pics from the movie cuz i got a bit bored over here at the office while listening to AI's Blake Lewis's new single (hence the title). Ok, so someone just remind me that I've forgotten to write down Michael Copon's My Space address in a previous post (sorry about that).

So here there are people, plus a few other My Space account by the BIO4 cast members...

Michael Copon Ashley Benson Jennifer Tisdale Cassie Scerbo Anniese Taylor Dendy Kierstin Koppel Noel Areizaga The soundtracks are available for downloading at (click HERE to go to the site) but unfortunately it doesn't come for free.


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