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In the chat room version, the "whispering" is done through the chat room's "Send Message" function, which acts as a private message.There has to be a good number of people in the room for the game to be worth anything.This can be played as a game, with players challenging each other, or more conversationally, with players trying to figure out the connections together.The person at the top of the user list types a word, and the person just under him types a word that begins with the last letter of the word typed.

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Remember the object isn't to stump the others, but to challenge a little and have some fun.The recipient reads the message ONCE and ONLY ONCE (the honor system works here), then either closes or minimizes the window, and sends the message privately, as he remembers it, to the person listed just under him in the user list.Once the message is received back by the person who wrote it, he types out the original message as originally sent, and then types out the message as received after it's made the rounds. Make the messages two or three sentences long and don't use foreign words or words with which the average person wouldn't be familiar.This way all the clues can be easily spotted when scrolling.When all the clues are guessed, it is good if the clue giver lists them all together again, in capital letters, in the order they were given: Another example, this time with trickier clues and syllables out of order as it should be played.To copy text in the chat room: select the text and use CTRL C To paste text in the chat room: use CTRL V The Leader chooses two people in the room, at random.Each of those two people right clicks on that leader's name, selects "Send Message," and sends a private message to him consisting of the name of one movie star.This is important: the person who starts a particular game has to write down the exact original message and keep it handy!If the original message is lost, the game can't work.This can be done with States, countries, animals, or any given category, such as Song titles, Movie titles, Catholicism.An example using song titles: Articles (a, an, the) don't count toward titles. Variation: Silent Es are dropped such that the player who gives "Under the Double Eagle" as an answer is followed by one who has to think of a song that begins with the letter "L".


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